Fading Shadows
Fading Shadows
Fading Shadows
Fading Shadows
Fading Shadows

Fading Shadows [2015 - ongoing]

'Fading Shadows' is a kinetic light installation by Joris Strijbos and Nicky Assmann which is the result of their ongoing research project Moiré Studies since 2013, under which the duo creates installations and performances based on grids, kinetic light and the principles of the moiré effect. The moiré effect is the phenomenon of spatial interferences provoked by the superimposition of two patterns. These works continue the rich history of moiré art in movements such as kinetic and Op art.
In this installation the artists tune the phenomenon to the limits of human perception and use the effect as a method for composition.

Each set-up is adjusted to the space
The work 'Fading Shadows' consists of different set-ups, with different light machines, visuals and screens, each adjusted to the space.

White light- single grid:
A single horizontal static grid is placed against a white background and a kinetic light machine is positioned in front of the grid. The light machine has a circular motion. Depending on the distance of the viewer different field of depths in the visual patterns appear. 
The screen is transformed into an optical field of interference, showing a hallucinatory choreography of shadow and white stroboscopic light.

Coloured light - two grids:
Two opposing horizontal static grids placed against a white background. Several kinetic light machines are positioned in front of the grids each with their own motion: 'Circular Motion' and 'Horizontal Motion & Vertical Motion'. Thus creating different movements and field of depths in the visual patterns. Complementary colors, that are oscillating through the color spectrum, flicker to create a state of mental uncertainty. The screens are transformed into optical fields of interference showing a hallucinatory choreography of shadow, color, and stroboscopic light.

Video below from the installation set-up as shown at Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh .


Concept & realisation: Joris Strijbos & Nicky Assmann